2017 – Gibson Year In Review

Hi Everyone!

Please check our annual Gibson Year in Review in the PDF link here (2017 Year in Review).  This is my first time doing this and I was completely floored at all of the anniversaries we celebrated as a family! I encourage each of you to do your own each year, even, if you don’t distribute them. It was a wonderful time of reflection 🙂

Cheers to 2017 – I pray your 2018 is greater!!

Year In Review2017 Year in Review


Evan’s First Day of Kindergarten

I cannot believe this day has finally arrived! My son went to Kindergarten this morning and I was pretty much a semi-functioning wreck since I saw him board the bus.


I honestly didn’t expect to have so many emotions attached to this, as I’m a pretty unemotional person. Meaning, I don’t cry often and I am rarely anxious. That said..there was something about seeing this little face skip/jog to that bus today that did it for me. I was no good and burst out crying while talking to the fellow moms at my son’s before/after care facility.

I’m praying he has a great day and an awesome year!

Happy First day of Kindergarten Evan!!!

**Dries eyes with Tissues**


P.S. I know I owe you a Post-Disney…It’s coming :))